The Best Accessories for Winter at Serve the Flag

Stay Warm & Practical

A great way to be stylish this holiday season is by shopping for winter accessories at! We have you covered this year with unique, practical, and stylish gift ideas. So go ahead and browse the top five beanies, gloves, balaclava ski masks, and other necessary gear for the upcoming cold weather.

The Winter Must-Haves:

  1. You need a winter hat that will keep you warm, and this is it! The Decky Gi Visor Ski Thick Warm Winter Skully Cap Hat Beanie has been designed to be versatile, so whether your favorite activity involves snowboarding down the mountain or hunting in the woods, you’ll be ready for anything. Plus, on top of everything else, it makes you look super cool!

Decky Beanies Gi Caps Hats Visor Ski Thick Warm Winter Skully Unisex

  1. Introducing Polar Fleece Half Finger Winter Outdoor Military Patrol Army Gloves! Our unique design allows full dexterity while the breathable microfleece protects your hands from the cold. They're perfect for driving, working outdoors, or any other winter activity. Even better, we back them with a lifetime warranty!

Polar Fleece Half Finger Winter Outdoor Military Patrol Army Gloves

  1. Don’t let the freezing temperatures stop you from performing your duties. This Decky 1 Hole Tactical Army Military Skiing Face Mask Beanie Balaclava is perfect for those who like the outdoors or just need some extra warmth during winter. This snug-fitting balaclava beanie mask has a hole in the front so you can still see and breathe easily and comes in several different colors to match your style.

Decky 1 Hole Facemask Face Mask Tactical Beanies Balaclava Army Military Skiing Biker

  1. Another style of hat that brings functionality to your winter wardrobe is Decky’s Aviator Bomber Soft Faux Fur Ear Flap Winter Ski Trooper Trapper Hat Cap. Made of nylon and featuring soft, faux fur lining, these hats are perfect for keeping out the cold – and they look great too! With adjustable ear flaps, plastic buckle fasteners, and a variety of colors to choose from, Serve the Flag has the perfect hat for you.

Decky Aviator Bomber Soft Faux Fur Ear Flap Hat Cap Winter Ski Trooper Trapper

  1. Ski down the slopes comfortably with this Winter Fleece-Lined Inside Ear Flap Ski Snow Helmet Beanie from Decky underneath your helmet for extra warmth and protection. This 100% acrylic cap will help you brave the freezing cold weather in style!

Decky Helmet Beanies Warm Winter Fleece-Lined Inside Ear Flap Ski Snow

Practical Gifts for the Holidays

Any of these beanies, gloves, aviator bomber hats, ski masks, or helmet caps make incredible, functional gifts for the winter holiday season. So start shopping for gifts so your Dad, Mom, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Son, Daughter, Wife, Husband, Brother, Sister, Co-worker, Boss, Grandpa, Grandma, Friends, Employees, and Neighbors can keep toasty and snug!

Any of our winter accessories will make an ideal present idea for holidays like Christmas, Birthdays, Graduation, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and more.

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