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Serve the Flag has wardrobe essentials for your children from preschool through kindergarten to elementary school. We have cute bags, backpacks, face masks, hats, beanies, belts, sunglasses, wallets, coin purses, and more. Our products make for great stocking stuffers at Christmas, back-to-school goodies, or birthday presents.

Check out our wholesale huge lot alternatives! Ideal for daycare, classes, sports teams, schools, preschools, sleepaway camps, and other large groups.

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Where Can I Buy Adorable Apparel & Accessories for My Child?

Serve the Flag offers a number of accessories and apparel in a range of fun and colorful designs, so there's something for every child.

Children's accessories, such as hats and bandanas, are an excellent method to express their personality. Caps in vibrant colors and designs that represent their personalities may help them stand out from the crowd. Backpacks with unique patterns and designs can add pizzazz to school uniforms while also making them more enjoyable.

Our kids' collection has something for every child to wear and enjoy!

The Best Gifts for Kids

Kids School Mini Backpack Furry Animals

Which animal would your toddler choose: a dinosaur, a sloth, a dragon, or a koala? These Sleepyville Critters furry animal kids' mini backpacks are ideal for transporting school supplies or snacks. The cuddly 3D creatures are too adorable to pass up!

Kids Size Decky Baseball Hat for Boys

Decky makes some fantastic youth baseball caps for boys. Every youngster will want to wear this cap on the playground because it is colorful and comfortable. It's a must-have for every young boy's wardrobe, especially during hot summers and springtime! Perfect for sports games, playdates, and trips to the park.

Empire Cove Kids Unicorns Girls Summer Beach Bucket Hat

The bucket hats from Empire Cove have fluffy unicorn designs, cute dinosaurs, royal princesses, delectable donuts, and other bright patterns. It will have your little girl beaming from ear to ear!

Buy the Top Present for Young Boys & Girls

Give great gifts to your Child, Daughter, Son, Student, Niece, Nephew, Granddaughter, Grandson, Grandchild, Cousin, Brother, or Sister with Serve the Flag’s kids collection! 

Shop at Serve the Flag for the best merchandise that will be perfect gifts for special occasions like Birthdays, Back-to-School, Sports Practice, Christmas, Hannukah, Easter, July 4, Holidays, and more.

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