Gifts for Veterans on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

We Honor This Day

The attack on Pearl Harbor took place on December 7, 1941, when the Imperial Japanese Navy took the lives of 2,403 service members and citizens, subsequently leading the U.S. to enter WWII. Now 80 years later, we as Americans will commemorate their sacrifice.

This is a day for us to reflect on the brave men and women who lost their lives during Pearl Harbor and World War II. This year's theme, "Valor, Sacrifice, and Peace," will hopefully inspire future generations to carry on this legacy and honor those who perished as well as those who continued to fight in the war.

We thank “the Greatest Generation, who guided our Nation through some of our darkest moments and laid the foundations of an international system that has transformed former adversaries into allies.”

President Biden stated in his 2021 proclamation, “I encourage all Americans to reflect on the courage shown by our brave warriors that day and remember their sacrifices. I ask us all to give sincere thanks and appreciation to the survivors of that unthinkable day.”

Gifts for Veterans:

  1. The Rapid Dominance USA Veteran Military Army Air Force Navy Marines Coast Guard Baseball Hat Cap is an amazing way to show your patriotism and military pride. The caps come in various colors, with the branch name embroidered on both the bill and strap. It makes for a special addition to any wardrobe and are perfect for remembering Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day!

Rapid Dominance USA Veteran Military Army Air Force Navy Marines Coast Guard Baseball Hats Caps

  1. U.S Air Force Veterans will love this Erazor Bits Air Force Proud to Have Served Veteran T-Shirt to honor all 188 aircrafts that were destroyed and 159 damaged. Wear it proudly as you support our brave service members who protect us from harm's way. Give one as a gift with the message “Proud to Have Served.”

Erazor Bits Air Force Proud to Have Served Veteran T-Shirts Tees

  1. This Erazor Bits Navy Proud to Have Served Veteran T-Shirt Tee will be great for any veteran who wants to show their pride. Whether you're a proud former serviceman or just want to honor the eight battleships that were either damaged or sunk on December 7, 1941, wear it with pride, remembering all those brave men and women who sacrificed so much!

Erazor Bits Navy Proud to Have Served Veteran T-Shirts Tees

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