How to Maximize Earnings with Serve the Flag’s Affiliate Program

Maximize Your Earnings & Become a Successful Influencer

Take Your Social Media Page, Blog, or Website to the Next Level

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for large networks, entrepreneurs, content creators, social media influencers, and bloggers to easily monetize their business. Your blog or website can turn into a cash-maker, increasing your income in a snap.

The key to optimizing your online presence is knowing your audience. So if your followers love military apparel, patriotic throw blankets, and other Americana accessories, glassware, ornaments, and tactical gear, they will love Serve the Flag!

So, if you’re interested, Serve the Flag has a free Affiliate Program that will help you advertise our products to your audience of fans or followers, thus earning up to 10% commission on each new successful referral.

Become a marketing master with the site toolbar and learn how to build shortlinks, customized text, image links, promotional banners, and more. You can provide navigation to any of our product details pages for when customers need more info or want to buy specific merchandise. Also, you can receive detailed reports on your daily commissions!

The Affiliate Program Advertising Fee Schedule

This Advertising Fee Schedule outlines your advertising fee rates and the limitations that apply to some of our products. You earn ad fees for “Qualifying Purchases” that are calculated as a percentage of “Qualifying Revenues.”

Commission can sometimes be offered in the form of bounties or special offers. We may alter advertising fee rates, so we will keep you updated on product exclusions, rate changes, special offers, or promotions!

If you have any questions, we can help! Reach out over the phone or email to learn more.

While you’re at it, post Serve the Flag products on Facebook and Twitter (Follow @ServetheFlag). Maximize your earnings today!

About Serve the Flag

As a company that is passionate about America and supporting our troops, we offer one-of-a-kind military-friendly and patriotic clothing, accessories, home-office items, and lots more. So whatever you're looking for, we guarantee there's something here to satisfy your needs!