Take Charge of 2022 with These Fashion Trends

Take Charge of 2022 with These Fashion Trends

Resolutions are here, so it's time to get fashionable! It feels like every other person on social media has already started their new year outfit with some trendy clothes that will set them apart from everyone else—now is your chance for you to be part of this trend by following our top picks.

Who said you can’t get dressed up without leaving the house? This year, fashion trends are looking up again, and we have some excellent news for all our dress-up fans out there. We found exactly what's been missing in your wardrobe—the perfect mix between confidence and personality!

We're all about setting the bar high for 2022, and we think you should be too. Why not start by reading about our most trending apparel that will give your style senses a boost?

Read on to discover all the best styles for men, women, and kids to try in 2022!

2022 Fashion Trends for Men

USA Flag Acrylic Pom Pom Knit Watch Team USA Olympics Cap Winter Beanie

Step up your winter-style game with our USA Flag Beanie. This knit cap has a long beanie design, with a beautifully embroidered flag on the cuff and USA stitched in the middle, topped off by a big, fluffy pom pom. Whether you're hitting the slopes or just stepping out for lunch, this red, white, and blue beanie will keep you looking fresh and cool all season long.

USA Flag Beanies American Team Colors Winter Olympics Patriotic Knit Pom Pom

2022 Fashion Trends for Women

Decky Chopper Biker Iron Cross Logo Ski Skull Warm Winter Beanie Cap Hat

Get out of your comfort zone and start rocking bold colors. Forget about neutral tones because they're so last year! There's no better time than now to get colorful with one-of-a-kind beanies, including pastels like Blue or Pink as well classic favorites Black for an edgy look that stands apart from the rest.

Decky Chopper Biker Iron Cross Logo Beanies Caps Hats Ski Skull Warm Winter

2022 Fashion Trends for Kids (Boys and Girls)

Printed Designs Bifold Wallets

Let your child splurge a little and have fun this year—they deserve it! Our collection has tons of fun and friendly designs that will give them the feeling of a fresh new start. Whether they want something colorful to stand out or a patriotic design that shows off their roots, your kids' tooth fairy money will fit nicely in any of these wallets.

Printed Designs Bifold Wallets In Gift Box Cash Card Id Slots Mens Womens Youth

Gifts That Let Them Step Out of Their Comfort Zone

These incredible best-selling fashion pieces give the Police & Law Enforcement, the U.S. Military (Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy), or any First Responders, Veterans, and other patriots a sense of style for 2022.

Whether they like military apparel, patriotic throw blankets, face masks, accessories, glassware, ornaments, or tactical gear, your Dad, Mom, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter, Grandparents, Friends, and Neighbors will know that you appreciate them. Or better yet, you can get them an e-gift card!

Serve the Flag has patriotic apparel and accessories that will make an awesome present idea for holidays like Christmas, Birthdays, Graduation, Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, among other special occasions.

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